Let's Get It Started

My talented husband catered our friend's wedding rehearsal dinner. He did a great job!

Some more shots from the past weekend's festivities.

(the father of the groom, awaiting the parade of groomsmen & bride's maids)

(The groom's niece singing Ave Maria and quite beautifully!
The bride is standing behind her and her veil is blowing gently in the breeze.


Another Wedding Weekend

We were fortunate enough to spend another weekend celebrating the marriage of some good friends. We had a great time and I'm a bit exhausted from all the merriment. We're not used to having SO much fun. : ) The photo above is a few of the wonderful friends who made the festivities of the last week and a half so memorable!


Like Children

We went to one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever been to last weekend and had a FABULOUS time! Maybe it was all the Scarlettinis I drank. (a refreshing blueberry cocktail, that I swore I'd only drink one or two of, but ended up drinking closer to ten) Anyway, we haven't partied like that in ages and it was soooo needed. We played like kids on the carousel and these are just the photos of my husband and I. I'm not sure if I should post the others, to protect the not-so innocent. None of these photos are great quality. They are all a little blurry, which speaks to my state of mind when shooting them.



Independence Day

There was a beautiful, burning orange sunset on the 4th of July this year. What a beautiful day!

*note: The color in the photos were not exaggerated during the editing process. I did some blurring around the edges and added some graininess (is that a word?) to the last photo, but the sky really was that Orange! It was beautiful!


I am a Finnish-American.

I'm also Norwegian-American and well... the American part has a bit of English, Irish, maybe some Scottish and I do believe just a pinch of Native-American. So yeah, I'm really just American. A melting pot, if you will. But my mother (above) is half Finn, half Norwegian. She has always been very proud of her heritage and has instilled the same in her children.

I recently spent some time at my mother's home in Minnesota and thought it would be interesting to document the various Finland inspired items around her home. My step-father is also a Finnish-American and they are Finnish Folk Dancers. So basically, what I'm saying is, we're more Finnish than you!

(Finn's are known for the sauna. I'm pretty sure they invented it. Next time you're in one, check out the temperature gauge to see where it was made... most likely in Finland. P.S. I was made in Washington State, U.S.A. Not Finland.)

The only person I "know" who is more Finnish than we are is my favorite blogger, Extranjera. You may have heard of her. She simply wonders What Will I Ever Do With My Life and Blogger finally saw the light and made her a recent Blog of Note. Please read every word she writes. She is riotously funny and well... she's Finnish.

(Marimekko is only one of the coolest design houses in the world AND they are from Finland! Booyah! The text underneath my Marimekko coffee mug is Finn-glish. A decidedly perfect blend of Finnish & English. I just decided it was perfect.)

(I love how not only is there a Finnish Flag in two corners of this mirror, but also on top of the kitchen hutch across the room in the reflection. I didn't plan that, but it's perfect!)

(I believe the people in the portrait above are my step-father's Finnish grandparents.)

(When my mother inquired what in the world I was taking photos of, she directed me to this and the last photo, saying that they are quintessential Finnish crafts. She would know better than I and I do think they are pretty cool. Especially this one. I have a Christmas ornament just like it, but much smaller.)

(It was 9:06 A.M. when I went on my photo taking spree.)


Fleur Jaune

Surely You Jest

My step-father is a collector. Of many things not the least of which are random images... photos, drawings, paintings, flyers, advertisements, etc. This random little drawing is hanging in their garage. I like this little jester with his glass of wine and I'm sure my step-father does too. Which is why he hangs where he can be seen many times a day. I just had to bring him home with me, too.


We Took the Scenic Route

These are the more scenic shots from our trip to North Dakota. The house in the forefront below is the home that my Great Grandparents built and where they raised my grandmother and her 9 siblings. It only had 3 bedrooms.

This country church's cemetery is where my paternal grandfather's family is buried. It was nice to "visit" everyone.

There is a common misconception that North Dakota is flat. It is full of beautiful rolling hills and the way the long prairie grasses wave in the wind is breath taking. I wish there was a way to capture that in photos.

A basketball hoop mounted over grass. Now that is determination!

Is there anything more quintessentially country than bright yellow, peeling paint on an old farmhouse?

These oil pumps are the latest additions to the North Dakota prairies, bringing an early retirement for many hard-working farmers.