Hey, Biddah, Biddah!

My husband is on the committee of the West Shore Autism Society and tonight is the benefit dinner and auction.

I'm donating framed 8 x 10's of these for auction. Wish us luck!

Update: The framed pair sold for $75, which I think is pretty cool,
since it didn't cost that much to print and frame them and... I've never sold anything before!!!
Yay! Someone paid money for my photos!


Washington D.C. - Part Two

The White House, March 6, 2010

The Washington Monument

The Capitol Building

Dinosaur & metal tree in the sculpture garden.

Washington D.C. - Part One

I recently spent a week in Washington D.C. training for my new job.
These are few of the photos I took during that week.
This church was across the street from one of the offices I trained at.

Fire and Snow

I'm so thankful that this snow is gone,
but Cardinal makes it look good, doesn't he?


Little Bird, Little Bird

I've been in Washington DC for the week and didn't bring my Michigan Bird Guide with me for reasons that should be obvious, but I'll be sure to check when I get home. : ) This was taken in Michigan in February 2010.


Dear, Winter

Dear, Winter.

You are beautiful, but I've had enough.
Thank you for your time.

Erin Johnson


Northern Cardinal

Male Northern Cardinal
West Michigan
January 17, 2010


Nerd Alert

My wonderful husband surprised me with a Birds of Michigan Field Guide and it is right up there with my iPod as one of my favorite gifts I was blessed with this Christmas. I am officially a total nerd.

I believe this is a Female House Finch. She is feeding at a feeder I fashioned from an old toy that just wouldn't stay together and I was tired of Bean using it as a weapon. So it now attracts Blue Jays and apparently House Finches to our back deck.

Is "finches" the correct plural form or is it just "finch". Ok. Enough nerdery for now.



Better late than never, I suppose. These are from August. It's kind of nice to remember how hot it was that day on a cold day like today.


Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so thankful for all the amazing friends I've made throughout the blogosphere. I'm thankful for the ability to view the world through your words and through your photos. I am thankful that I am free to keep this blog and live my life basically as I choose.

Today I hope people will take a moment to view Thanksgiving through the eyes of the Native Americans and not the Pilgrims.
The Native people who were displaced from their homes and massacred all in the name of Manifest Destiny and "religious freedom".
While I always take time to count my blessings and give thanks on this "holiday" I also try to think honestly about the Native people of this beautiful country and remember them today in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you will, too.

(Clearly I did not take these photos. I found them via Google Images and they are of the Salish & Kootenai tribes.)


Two Snails

Saugatuck, Michigan could be on the Top 100 Cutest Towns in the United States. It's definitely in the top 10 for Michigan. The scenery is beautiful, the people are nice, and it is full of sculpture.

In peoples yards, the parks, the sidewalks. It's everywhere. There is even a sweet little sculpture park right in the middle of it's quaint downtown. This snail pair is nestled in a flower bed in a private yard between a few shops.


My List

Melisa over at The Lil Bee does a recurring list of 5 things you'd like to accomplish in your lifetime. I love reading what other people have on their lists and today she is featuring MINE! This is such an honor as I read her blog almost daily. If you've never checked out the Bee, please do. She is funny, insightful and has great taste. She also just had a baby who is super sweet and if you are in need of a good laugh, go read about Melisa's adventures in lamaze class. Hilarious stuff, folks!

Gah! I'm just giddy! It really is such an honor to be mentioned on The Lil Bee! Thanks, Melisa!



Even as Autumn nears it's end and the smell of Winter hangs in the air, there are signs of the Spring to come. The Dogwood tree in our yard has dropped all it's leaves, showing the knobby buds of what will be flowers and leaves in the Spring time. I find it very encouraging.



These fallen trees looked to me like they'd been braided. I love the Pacific Northwest. It's so green and lush and beautiful!

Larrabee State Park - August 2009
Washington State