The Wedding

This is the lovely couple who were married in the beautiful state of North Dakota. The rest of the photos are family members from the day of and the day after the wedding. I would have loved to get more photos, but my travel companion wasn't the best photographer's assistant.


My Heart Grew Fonder

Two weeks without regular internet access was a welcome break,
but I am so glad to be back!

I missed you all so much.


Travel Companion

I recently went on vacation with this handsome young man. I'll post pics from that vacation very soon... I promise.



We moved into this cookie-cutter, everything looks the same, huge apartment complex less than a year ago. We chose it for the location, the swimming pool (that we've used maybe 3 times), the on-site playground, and the work-out facility (that I used 5 times... better than nothing). I can't wait to get out of this apartment and into our new house, but as that day rapidly approaches, I realize how much I'm going to miss the pond just behind our building.

I have watched deer grow from yearlings to adults. I'm looking out my window now as I type and watching a groundhog (or something like that) make its way across the grass. I watched an Eagle and a Hawk battle in mid-air. I laughed at the ducks engaging in a mating ritual that made me feel bad for that poor female, only to get teary eyed as I watched her lead her ducklings all around the pond months later.

And I have a new found love for birds of all types, but especially the red-winged blackbird, who escapes my camera lense at all costs. I cannot capture an image of that beautiful bird for anything. I've been trying for a month now. And maybe that's why it's my favorite. Because it is swift and eluding. I love watching it land on a blade of grass that dips almost immediately into the pond, requiring it to take flight once again. The beautiful, red-winged black bird rarely rests.

And with that... I'm off to work on moving out of this apartment, that I will miss more than I ever dreamed I would.


Jenisis Design Website

Friday night is my final presentation for my Web Design class. I designed a website for a friend who is a very talented jewelry designer. I interviewed Jen via email and Facebook. I also pulled her photos from her MySpace account and edited them for better presentation. I "researched" other jewelry websites while I was planning the site, which was not like work at all! I hope all of my future projects are that fun to "research". I built the site using Dreamweaver and designed a logo and navigation bar in Photoshop. Since Jen is a friend of mine, I tried to include her personality, as I know her, in everything I did. Her words for a theme were "Elegent Roots" and I think that sums up Jennifer beautifully.

She is hoping to go live with the site within the year, so I'll be sure to post an update if/when she does. In the meantime I can share some of her pieces. Once again, I didn't take the photos, the designer did, but I edited them for better presentation on the website.

So here they are.

All pieces designed and crafted by Jennifer Lamb of
Jenisis Design