Under the Table and Dreaming

Ab likes to hang-out under the table sometimes, like it's a fort. I wonder what she is thinking about.


Springtime Lament

Noooo!!! It's spring time! I'm supposed to wake up to raindrops falling gently on new green grass and budding trees and daffodils peeking out of the freshly thawed soil. Not SNOW! Nooooo, God, why?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!


Memories of Yesterday

I walked outside on a morning last week and my attention was immediately drawn to this glowing leaf stuck in the shrubbery.

Red Door


Though shalt not covet thy neighbors camera.

This was taken from far away. We were shooting the same sunset and I was feeling envious.


Swan Lake

Well... it's more of a pond really.

These aren't nearly as clear as I'd hoped, but I like them nontheless.

Holga, In Color

This is the color version of the Holga tree. I love this picture and think it might end up on some friends' walls. At least I hope they love it enough to display it.

Sukham Photography- My Final Project

I am currently attending college pursuing a degree in Web Development and for our final project in my HTML class, we had to design a multi-page business site. I chose to invent a photography business and this is it:

My skill level hasn't yet caught up with my vision, but it is getting there... slowly but surely.


Missing Someone

These glass objects decorate the windows of a dear friends home. I miss her.


Doodle Doo

We are in the process of looking to purchase a home. This cool metal rooster was in the kitchen of one of the homes we looked at. It reminded me of my beloved Grandmother who passed away 9 years ago this month. She collected chickens & roosters and kept her collection in the kitchen.

Finding Time to Reflect

I was running late, as usual, this morning, but when I glanced out the window at the pond, I had to stop. I thought the trees' reflection was too pretty to pass up, so I snapped a quick picture on my way out the door. The bottom picture is closest to what my eye saw. The sun wasn't quite up yet. For the first picture, I flipped the photo and used an auto-correct.


The Challenge

Recently, a blogger that I follow, Discovering Photography, asked if anyone had any advice on photographing random people, strangers. I didn't have any advice, but stated that I was trying to get up the nerve to do it myself. So I "dared" him to take at least one photo of a random stranger and to post it to his site by tomorrow, March 8th, and I would do the same. These are a result of that dare.

This gentleman was working in the computer lab at school. I liked the white cinder block wall behind him for a backdrop, his furrowed brow and the way he was wearing his Detroit Lions hat. Maybe his deeply, furrowed brow was due to the terrible season the Lions had this last year... heck, this last decade! Anyway, I did ask his permission so he wouldn't think I was crazy, but I think he thought I was anyway.

This one was taken from across a large room, where I was just one of a hundred people, so not very noticeable. I was wishing she would sit up a bit straighter, but alas... she slouched like this the entire time I was there.


Holga Tree

This photo was inspired by my friend, Amy, who is a talented photographer herself. She takes "real" photos with "real" film. Haha! She just purchased a new Holga camera, which is one of my favorite effects to fake digitally. I love the drama!

Man's Original Virtue

“Disobedience is man's original virtue.
It is through disobedience that progress has been made,
through disobedience and through rebellion.”
~Oscar Wilde

Gate outside the Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Rain, Rain

Okay, okay, I know. Enough with the berries already, but this time they have water drops off of them!

I Will Be More Creative

I went to the Creative Crawl in Grand Rapids, Michigan last week. This is where Graphic Design and Advertising studios hold open houses for people to come in, see their facilities and view some of their work. It was incredibly inspiring. I wish I could have taken a zillion pictures, but that wasn't what I was there for. I did snap a pic of this chalkboard... I had to! This is placed above an old school desk in the front entry of Extra Credit Projects, a design firm that really impressed me with their fun, creative, witty and intelligent atmosphere and designs.

Here's where you can contact them, if you so desire:
Extra Credit Projects
560 5th St. NW, Suite 302
Grand Rapids, MI, 49504
phone: 616-454-2955



I'm Readin'.

"Hey, Ab! What are you doing?"
"I'm readin'!"