It's Much Too Late

I'm up way past my bedtime, but I just had to post one more of my little Bean.

I Really Like Them

And so does Extranjera's mom,
so I will continue to post my sweet little birds.

And speaking of sweet little birds... here's another.


We've Moved

I took this recently in downtown Detroit, Michigan.
Downtown was really hoppin' that weekend and it gave me some insight into how I'd imagine Detroit once was.
A thriving, happenin' city that gave us Motown music,
gritty rock and roll
and the Ford Mustang.
Not the dirty and abandoned city it is today.

It's as if the American Dream packed up
and moved out of Detroit.


Tori Amos in Detroit

I was fortunate enough to see Tori Amos play at the Detroit Opera House on August 8th. She was AMAZING! I've been a fan for many years. I've collected 27 of her cds, most being singles I've picked up here and there. She is such an amazing musician. So theatrical and talented. I actually cried during some of her songs that have sentimental memories attached.

It was a Tori themed birthday for me this year. My kids presented me with her latest cd and a poster, which will hang with my other Tori posters in the art/craft studio, and then my husband surprised me with tickets to her show. We had such great seats if you couldn't tell from the photos. I took a ton of photos and might post more later on. If you were one of the nice people sitting next to us that I told my blog address to, please be sure to comment and say "hi". It was nice chatting with you.



It seemed like it was a slow day for the charter boats. Most were docked and waiting to take out out customers for a day of fishing on Lake Michigan. I wish we could have been the $$$ they were waiting for. All of those fishing poles looked rather tempting.

A couple of trumpeters were practicing along the boardwalk. I love how this photo turned out.


This is supposed to be one of a series of photos taken on a recent walk along our town's boardwalk, but alas... the internet is being sooo slow and uncooperative that the rest will have to wait.

Someone should be walking the plank for this mutiny!

"Damn you, Internet!!!"


It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

We have so many wonderful new neighbors, but I believe that this fellow and his wife are our favorites. We call him Cardinal, for obvious reasons, and his wife is Carla. I hope I can capture her in a photo someday soon. She's a bit more shy than Cardinal. They often sit on our fence near the bird feeder and share seeds. It's quite sweet to watch them "kiss". They live in the wooded area behind our next door neighbor of the human variety, but they visit our yard often, probably because we provide lunch.