Nerd Alert

My wonderful husband surprised me with a Birds of Michigan Field Guide and it is right up there with my iPod as one of my favorite gifts I was blessed with this Christmas. I am officially a total nerd.

I believe this is a Female House Finch. She is feeding at a feeder I fashioned from an old toy that just wouldn't stay together and I was tired of Bean using it as a weapon. So it now attracts Blue Jays and apparently House Finches to our back deck.

Is "finches" the correct plural form or is it just "finch". Ok. Enough nerdery for now.


13GreenPixies said...

From one nerd to another---you're right! "Finches" is the plural and I'm pretty sure that is a female house finch. Yay!

I love your bluebird pics too!

Now me and my fellow nerds will retire to the nerdery with our calculators....Lol.

My name is Erin. said...

13GreenPixies- Thank you for your nerd knowledge. It is always appreciated here. See you around the nerdery. We can compare pocket protectors.

Chessa! said...

if you're a nerd, then I'm a Unite! :)

and, thank you so much for featuring me here as your inspiration. you made my day:) xx

have a great weekend!

Austin Curtis said...

Love it!