Holga Tree

This photo was inspired by my friend, Amy, who is a talented photographer herself. She takes "real" photos with "real" film. Haha! She just purchased a new Holga camera, which is one of my favorite effects to fake digitally. I love the drama!


anywherei90 said...

Nice pic, Erin! very holga-esque. :)

Thanks for the mention in your caption, but i don't know if i can be called a "real" photographer until i actually start making money from it instead of just spending money! hahah.

keep 'em coming!

Sarah said...

Hey Erin, Excuse my ignorance, but I'm just beginning with this photography game. What is the Holga effect?
Eerie photo! It's beautiful!

magicpolaroid said...

wowow so beautiful! congrats!