Springtime at the Beach

We enjoyed our first walk along the beach this past week. It was a beautiful day, even if it was a bit overcast. Kites were flying and it's always nice to enjoy the beach before it's crawling with tourists.


Extranjera said...

Can you come and take good pictures of me for my blog as well. Otherwise, can't show my face. Ever.
Love the hubby looking into the cam - there's a lot of unspoken message there, and the hand-holding pic.
Awesome (there I frikken go again, using that word, that really should not be in any grown up's vocab...)
But, awesome.

B said...

I really like the blue and orange hat your daughter is wearing! She knows how to accessorize!

My name is Erin. said...

Thank you!

Extranjera- I use "awesome" an obscenely irregular amount, so it's always a welcome comment here. Had you used "rad", I might have snickered a bit. But I wouldn't have judged you too harshly.

B- It's actually my son's hat and I ADORE it and here's the kicker... my husband chose it. I can't even claim that I rocked that choice.

Extranjera said...

Dude, let's just reclaim rad. Here and now.
We have the power.

My name is Erin. said...

Done! I think that's the raddest idea I've heard all day!

Extranjera said...


and of course


Sarah said...

Hey Erin, Some lovely pics. Love the hands!
Great to see some of all of you!
Sitting here taking a peek with Soph when your last photo rolled out and she said "there's you Mummy" !!!! :)

My name is Erin. said...

We're like twins separated at birth! Haha! That's funny.

The Meredith Family said...

Great Pics Erin. I love to see Photos of the family. Although you do a great job in all your shots!! Great job!!!