My Heart Grew Fonder

Two weeks without regular internet access was a welcome break,
but I am so glad to be back!

I missed you all so much.


Extranjera said...

And ditto.
(In honor of dredging up all things 80s thought I would make reference to Ghost. And I know you didn't ask. I just wanted to share.)

Jess said...

I love how the second one has rounded corners like an old photograph! How'd you do that?

ps, you have really pretty eyes!

My name is Erin. said...

Extranjera- As long as we don't re-create the pottery wheel scene, all Ghost references are welcome. :)

Jess- Thank you very much. They balance out my ENORMOUS smile and "rabbit teeth". (a sweet boy I used to babysit once told me that I "kind of have rabbit teeth". Knowing how much he loved rabbits, I took it as a compliment.) I often use to edit my photos and the rounded corners is a feature called 60's (I think) and it gives that cool golden hue to the photo, too, but I faded it out almost all the way in this photo.

andy said...

hey m from india... and i tell in this nose ring u look the prettiest one in this world..

from- andy

My name is Erin. said...

Wow. Well thank you so much, Andy. Though I follow a blogger from India who takes some of the most beautiful portraits of Indian women (with nose rings, too) and I know that there are many beautiful women in this world. I'm flattered to be considered among them.