Tori Amos in Detroit

I was fortunate enough to see Tori Amos play at the Detroit Opera House on August 8th. She was AMAZING! I've been a fan for many years. I've collected 27 of her cds, most being singles I've picked up here and there. She is such an amazing musician. So theatrical and talented. I actually cried during some of her songs that have sentimental memories attached.

It was a Tori themed birthday for me this year. My kids presented me with her latest cd and a poster, which will hang with my other Tori posters in the art/craft studio, and then my husband surprised me with tickets to her show. We had such great seats if you couldn't tell from the photos. I took a ton of photos and might post more later on. If you were one of the nice people sitting next to us that I told my blog address to, please be sure to comment and say "hi". It was nice chatting with you.


Detroit Opera House said...

Hi Erin,

Thanks for posting the great pics! Glad you were able to stop by to see Tori Amos...wasn't her show great?

Thanks again for coming down. Hope to see you again soon!

Detroit Opera House

My name is Erin. said...

Cool! I wasn't expecting the Detroit Opera House to comment! Thanks for hosting a great show and I do hope to see more shows in the future. I also took a few shots of the Opera House architecture that I've yet to post.

Susan said...

Hi Erin! I was so happy to meet you at the concert. My friend Shelly and I had such a fun time that night. We waited outside and saw Tori exit the venue going to her tour bus but she did not do a meet and greet. So sad. I am on facebook if you ever get on that site. My full name is under Susan Kraus McClain. I live in Rochester Hills, so if you are close maybe we could arrange a playdate or something. I also have a younger girl that maybe your son might like to play with.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Susan said...

Hello Erin!
I tried to post a message earlier but am unsure if it worked. My friend Shelly and I really enjoyed meeting you at the concert. My email address is: Maybe we can get the kids together for a playdate and listen to some 'They might be Giants'. We live in the Rochester area, btw. :)


carina said...

These are such beautiful images, I really think they capture her perfectly! I used to be an incredibly devoted Tori fan. My best friend bought me tickets to see her at the Seattle Opera House in August of 1995. I've seen her many times since, but that show was an incredible experience.

My name is Erin. said...

Thanks, Carina! I WISH I could have seen her back in 1995. I believe that was the year that I fell in love with her music. That would have been an epic show for me.