The Canepa-Dranttel Wedding

I attended this beautiful wedding in Bellingham, Washington this past August. Will is one of my dear friends from high school and it was an absolute pleasure to join he and Jen for their big day!

The groomsmen are also some of my all-time favorite people
and it was great seeing them, too!

Oh, Adam! You really are an amazing man!

I took all of these group photos from afar with my highest zoom setting.

I was standing across the pond with these lovely people...
well not the groomsmen, but with Courtney.
Jen did a fabulous job with the decorations.
The reception was so colorful and quaint and beautiful!
This was my place setting. And we were able to take home the homemade jam and plate.

The setting was so idyllic and provided for beautiful photos
like these two of our friends, Katie and Kacie.

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Chessa! said...

how beautiful! what an inspiring setting. I love all that luscious green and the pop of the red of the bridesmaid dresses. and I love the bride's dress. beautiful all around.