Hey, Biddah, Biddah!

My husband is on the committee of the West Shore Autism Society and tonight is the benefit dinner and auction.

I'm donating framed 8 x 10's of these for auction. Wish us luck!

Update: The framed pair sold for $75, which I think is pretty cool,
since it didn't cost that much to print and frame them and... I've never sold anything before!!!
Yay! Someone paid money for my photos!


Dani G said...

A) awesome shots!!
B) good luck!!

Trojan Gayle said...

Good luck for the auction and what a wonderful capture of a sunset.

Nortehanon said...

I hope the auction went great, Erin :)

axxxelsz said...

great photos! regards

Jess said...

omg congrats! There's nothing better than knowing that people will buy your work. It's so rewarding! They look great :)